Saffron Bay situated in the heart of Mumbai at Girgaum Chowpatty, commands a sweeping and incredibly breathtaking view of Marine Drive – from the Governor’s Residence on one end to Cuffe Parade at the other. Established in 2012, it offers three distinct dining and evening-out experiences. A 1500 sq ft Banquet area for entertaining; A 50 cover Restaurant for fine dining and a Rooftop Bar for relaxed evenings.

Spanning across three floors, Saffron Bay is a versatile space with an eclectic mixture of period architecture and modern lighting design. The stunning granite entrance and staircase lead all the way to the Rooftop Bar. Exotic plants and flowers frame the sea view from the bar and add to the nonpareil experience of this location. Saffron Bay is a joyous restaurant where people can relax and understand the real pleasures of life through sharing food and enjoying meals with family and friends.

There is no doubt that Saffron Bay has style! A deep black granite flooring reflects hundreds of LED lights ablaze in the ceiling. Lamps placed in intricate circular patterns on the ceiling pick out colourful patterns on the furniture providing a festive feel to the space. Added to this celebratory atmosphere is the enchanting view of the lingering sunset into the Arabian sea. All of which is yours to enjoy whilst savouring a wide range of gourmet Mughlai dishes. Food -which combines time-honoured culinary traditions with the finest contemporary ingredients to create dishes which are both modern classics and timeless.

At Saffron Bay we focus uniquely on creating sophisticated dishes, seasoned with fresh ingredients and with subtle hints of herbs, aromatic spices and intriguing sauces. Although the origin of Saffron dates back to 7th Century BC, we see its continued and enhanced expression in various cuisines, right through till modern times. Our Chef is similarly inspired, to transcend traditional Mughlai cuisine to fresher modern taste. He is passionately involved in all aspects of the dining experience - the way the ingredients are chosen, food is prepared, cooked, plated & served. The positive energy manifested by our Chef multiplied with his other great skills is critical for our approach to excellence.

Our Chef is the emperor of our imperial kitchen and all our guests would be witness to his magnificence in the distinctive aromas and tastes at Saffron Bay.

We invite you to embrace India’s best gastronomic classics with a hint of western elegance, while indulging in our golden philosophy - “Eat, Drink & Love”.